Christine curry child development center

The major focus and purpose of Christine Curry Child Development Center (CCCDC) is to provide quality and culturally sensitive comprehensive early child development services. Realizing that the appropriate educational setting is paramount to your child’s ability to learn and grow, Christine Curry Child Development Center is centralized in a quiet and secure North Dade County Community. The facility provides an atmosphere that allows the children to discover themselves and the world around them.

The recurring theme of our program revolves around the study of mathematics, reading, writing and contemporary studies, including life enrichment, cultural awareness and physical fitness. We believe that children learn through play, practice, repetition and exposure to new experiences in an environment that fosters learning.

Throughout the day children are exposed to development and life enrichment activities based on instruction through story-telling, audio visual aids, reading and hands on child teacher interactions. A variety of activities allow for free play and quiet reflective settings both indoors and outdoors. Group interaction and individual learning experience are enhanced by assorted field trips and out-of-classroom endeavors. Ample opportunity is provided for self-expression and creativity.

Christine Curry Child Development Center is a participant in the United States Department of Agriculture, State of Florida Department of Health Child Care Food Program. The overall goal of these collaborative efforts is to ensure that well-balanced nutritious meals and snacks are provided to Christine Curry Child Development Center students. Good nutrition, the development of desirable eating habits and learning about food choices are vital building blocks for young children.


Registration is the first step to ensuring your child a safe and productive environment when it is necessary to be away from your child. Registration is open all year, with enrollment contingent on slot availability.

A non-refundable fee of $100.00 must be paid at the time of registration. A book fee of $40.00 must be paid by the first day of school.

The following items are necessary in order to complete this process:

1 .Student Registration/Enrollment Form
2. Student Emergency Information
3. Child Health & Development Questionnaire
4. Copy of Birth Certificate
5. A Certificate of Physical Examination by a Licensed Doctor (HRS-H 3040 Form-Physical)
6. A Copy of Florida Certificate of Immunization (HRS Form 680)
7. A Tuberculosis Screening Report
8. Parent Contractual Agreement
9. Acknowledgement of Disciplinary Policy
10. Influenza Virus Form (H1N1)
11. Completed Volunteer Form (Optional)


Regular operating hours for Christine Curry Child Development Center are Monday through Friday from 6:30AM – 6:00PM.

Age Requirements

Programming for Christine Curry Child Development Center is designed for children between two to five years of age.


A tuition fee of $100 per child will be charged on a weekly basis. There is a 10% tuition discount for private students for the second child registered in a family group up to a maximum of two children.


The Center provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

dress code

Uniforms are mandatory daily. Children are required to be in uniforms at all times, unless otherwise informed of special events and field trips.

Parental Involvement

Christine Curry Child Development Center would like to be an extension of your family. We encourage you to participate and volunteer in school activities. Parents or guardians are encouraged to become active participants in the Parents and Teachers with a Vision (PTV) Support Group.